Imagine a world where you just need to think and manipulate on smart devices to handle your surroundings, household items, or communicating with friends and relatives is simpler than ever. Let Suga make it, we will make your dream come true, you will feel yourself handling the universe and master everything. Let Suga bring the world into your hands.  

About us

To become a Suga Co., Ltd. as today, the founding members have gone through many ups and downs and on the road of pursuing the ambition of building an empire in Vietnam as well as international, Suga will face more challenges and difficulties. Since 2009, the four oldest members of the company sat together wondering that whether we can do anything for the world to know, whether we can make the values ​​that exist and communicate to after that. At the time, only the intent was expressed and conquered by products made by the group itself, namely the game. Then successive failures ensued, but the team members were not discouraged, trying their best. It is thanks to sincerity, honesty, hard work, prestige and persistence that SuGa was born on the basis of truth, consensus, unity and transparency, democracy in the organization is the factor A prerequisite for survival and development. Besides, the...

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